How to start a college essay

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Writin ganabstractis thein it ialstageof preparation for writing more complex and mean in gful works, such as course, diploma and others. There fore, befo reeach student or student, soon erorlater the question arises – how to writean abstract.

When searching for information on the Internet, pay attention to excerpts from books and text book sand be extremely cautious about simple, unrelated information, a syourisk using misleading information.

When you select information for the abstract, do not forget to write yourself the sources of this information. In the future, you will need them for the formation of abstracts and a list of literature.

From school we are used to the standard structure for small scientific work:

– Title page;

– Table of contents;

– Introduction;

– Main part;

– Conclusion;

– List of used literature

This structure is suitable for both the report and the abstract. That’s only in the first case, the main part will be much shorter

Abstracts divides on two

•             Productive

•             Reproductive

Start with an interesting in troduction. Paper writer need to start the essay so that you want  to readon. For example, you can start with the fact that you are afraid of the sound of weapons. Many will immediately realizeth att here will be a sequel to the waror that you have heard the sounds of shooting. You sharethe secret, talking about your phobiadentists. Remember only that the introduction should not be delayed, you have a limited scope of the abstract.

From a huge amount of information you need to beable to choose the maint hing and at the same time keep with in the allowed volume of the abstract, which should not exceed 15-20 pages of printed text. There fore, it is very important to draw up a preliminary work plan and follow it clearly, with out deviating from the topic. This will help to consistently and logically state theessence of the topic understudy.

When writing an essay, clearly follow all the requirements for its design. This will help you avoid mistakes not only at them oment butal so in the future when writing course papers or graduation papers.